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Make your doors and windows smarter, with the Yale Sync Smart Door and Window Sensors. These sensors fit into your Yale Door or Window – you can then check the app to check the status of your door lock and window; are they open, partially open or if they are locked.

Door Sensor Kits

Window Sensor Kits

Secure your doors and windows no matter where you are 

Like any other Yale smart home security solution, Yale smart door and window sensors can be controlled through the Yale Home app, giving you total peace and reassurance knowing your home is secure.

  • Checkin to ensure your doors and windows are locked before heading off to work
  • Protect your loved ones at home by reminding them to secure unlocked doors and windows
  • Check the status of your doors;  whether they are fully, partially secure all of which can be easily controlled and activated via the App.

Ask Google Assistant or Alexa to find out if your doors and indows are secure

With live alert signals sent to your alarm system, you will know if your doors and windows have been tampered with

With a built-in geo-location feature; receive a reminder to secure your home

Choose the right product for you 

I want a sensor for my Window:

I do not have a Sync Smart Alarm

  • Monitor window status
  • Fits discreetly into your window frame
  • Connects to Yale Sync Smart Home Alarm systems

I have a Sync Smart Alarm

  • Pre-linked wireless set-up
  • 200m wired free protection
  • Exandable to upto 40 accesscories

The Yale Sync Smart Window Sensor is only compatible with these window models 

I want a sensor for my Door:

I have a Sync Smart Alarm

  • Sync with other Yale Sync Smart home security systems in your home
  • Extend your home security to cover outer buildings, shed and garages.


I do not have a Sync Smart Alarm

  • Easily fits into your door
  • Find out the status of your door from where ever you are 


The Yale Sync Smart Door Sensor is only compatible with these window models